Scarborough & District Golf Association

Sunday 25th March

Whitby Golf Club

Due to the many cancellations of this year’s fixtures caused by the wet weather, South Cliff were crowned Pennant winners.

The final meeting of Alliance season was staged at Whitby Golf Club on Sunday for the Millennium Trophy. This fixture was reduced to 15 holes because of the heavy rainfall experienced lately. Clubs fielded three teams of four - all teams counting for the trophy. The 9.00am shotgun start, AM/AM format, would see the players play in lovely spring sunshine. The course, however, would play long, as there was no carry on the ball, due to the damp ground conditions. Credit to Whitby for getting the competition on; special mention must go to green staff in presenting the course so well under some very trying conditions.

The overall course Par was reduced to 120, as holes 11,12 and 13 were closed. Agreement was reached from the member clubs to stage the event so as  to finish the season on a competitive note.

South Cliff, winners of the Pennant, would field a strong team, as would North Cliff (current holders of the Millennium Trophy.) Whitby, with home advantage, were keen to secure the honours, as in previous years they had been challenging but could never get over the final hurdle of securing a win. A Wiggins, I Wiggins, C Pennock and A Dent would set Whitby on the right track with an incredible 10 under par 110. Whitby would also produce another excellent score of 7 under 113; however, this score would be beaten on the inward 3 holes by Driffield’s team of J Oakley, C Long, T Long and G Wood, giving them the final voucher award. Wiggins and co. were hoping to secure the Tankards, but their score would be beaten by Malton’s S Dawes, A Howarth, D Marsay and I Charlton, by one shot, with 11 under 109.

Whitby were wondering if they were going to miss out again but their final counting score of 116, would see the home club lead the field by three strokes, to secure the Millennium Trophy.

The season has now come to an end. Looking forward to next season, will see the first fixture at Bridlington Links playing for the Ben Fell, which was cancelled, along with no Pennant meetings being held this year, due to the weather.

The Association will be looking at making alterations, as the weather is having a detrimental effect on the playing season. Clubs are requested to bring representatives to the Annual General Meeting; at this meeting representatives, should have the authorisation to make decisions, on behalf of their club. They are requested to have the views of their club’s players and members and not their own, in order that the Association can move forward in the interest of those players who take part in the Pennant Alliance season.

Result of Millennium Trophy Meeting at Whitby


1st S Dawes 12, A Howarth 18, D Marsay 9, I Charlton 6 Malton & Norton 109

2nd A Wiggins Scr, I Wiggins 5, C Pennock 8, A Dent 8, Whitby 110

3rd J Oakley 10, C Long 12, T Long 16, G Wood 17, Driffield 113 back 3 23

Millennium Trophy

1st Whitby 113,110,116 – 339

2nd Malton 109,117,116 – 342

Joint 3rd North Cliff 118,117,114 & Filey 115,115,119 – 349

, 5th Brid Links 115, 118, 118 – 351

6th South Cliff 116, 120,119 – 355

7th Driffield 125,124,113 – 362

8th Brid Belv 123,120,124 – 367


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