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Malton & Norton Golf Club

Saturday 9th March 2019

Torrential rain affected the early players in the final meeting of the Pennant at Malton today. It was also the day when the teams would field an increased pairing of eight, with four from eight counting for the Pennant and all eight for the “Ben Fell” trophy, at the Welham Park club.

Malton, who had amassed a nineteen-shot lead in the Pennant, were keen to start their journey in securing the Ben Fell also, with home advantage. They did not disappoint with their early four pairs, producing 19 under par, setting the early lead. Adrian Burdett, Les Towse and Stuart Dawes, Ian Charlton, producing 5 under par, would see them edge out other 67’s. At this point Malton were sensing a possible double trophy haul.

South Cliff’s early four also came up with a good four pairing score; leading the way was Paul Dack and Dave Hall, with exceptional scoring in the conditions, a six under par 66 would see them beat Andy Lyth and Kevin Keenan from Filey on the back nine, also battling the earlier rain, with a 66. Another 66 from a later pairing of Kirkby duo Simon Cass and Stuart Patterson, would be beaten on the first hole count back by Lyth and Keenan.

The 66’s seemed to be the winning scores of the day, separated via a countback for voucher awards. Up to press Dack and Hall were leading the way for the Tankards. Taking advantage of the better drier conditions, although the wind had picked up, the North Cliff pair of Andy Alcock and Johnny Kemp, surpassed the early leaders by one shot, with a very credible 7 under par 65. What made this score even better, Alcock has just returned to golf having had time out, whilst relocating house, but has not lost his ability; the 3 handicap Alcock, was supported well by 10 handicap Kemp.

As previously mentioned, Malton had amassed a steady lead with their early four pairings, with South Cliff, Filey and North Cliff also producing scores to compete, Driffield and Whitby also not too far adrift. It was now eyes on the later pairings, especially as Alcock and Kemp had given North Cliff a great boost with their later score, the other clubs were left chasing. North Cliff had another score in the prizes with Dave Ellard and Alex Trousdale, edging out the other 67’s with a better back six.

With all the clubs in barring the last four pairs of Malton, the players in the clubhouse were waiting in anticipation to see if the later pairings would help Malton lift the Ben Fell trophy as they had already  secured the Pennant via their early four pairing’s score. However, it was not to be, no other clubs could compete with North Cliff’s eight pairing’s total, with seven pairs under par and one score of level, they would indeed secure the Ben Fell Trophy.

The Alliance season now comes to its end, with the final meeting in a fortnight, where all clubs will enter three four-man teams. The AM/AM 9.00am Shotgun “Millennium Trophy” being held at Bridlington Links on Saturday 23rd March. Afterwards the presentation of the Millennium Trophy, along with the Pennant winners Malton and Ben Fell winners North Cliff, will also be presented. Congratulations to both on what has been a great competitive season, especially as we have had a full complement of fixtures.



1st A Alcock (3) & J Kemp (10) 65 North Cliff

 2nd P Dack (7) & D Hall (8) 66 (Back 6 = 19) South Cliff
 3rd K Keenan (6) & A Lyth (7) 66 (1st Hole) Filey
 4th S Cass (5) & S Patterson (18) 66 Kirkby
 5th D Ellard (6) & A Trousdale (11) 67 (Back 6 = 19) North Cliff
 6th A Burdett (10) & L Towse (15) 67 (Back 9 = 33) Malton
 7th S Dawes (11) & I Charlton (5) 67 (Back 6 = 20) Malton


Pennant Standings

(Malton GC Results in Brackets)

1st Malton 2353 (269)

2nd South Cliff 2375 (272)
3rd North Cliff 2383 (267)
4th Filey 2401 (269)
5th Whitby 2413 (277)
6th Brid Links 2435 (287)
7th Driffield 2441 (279)
8th Brid Belvedere 2481 (289)
9th Kirkbymoorside 2505 (573)

Ben Fell Trophy

1st North Cliff 545

2nd Malton 550
3rd South Cliff 557
4th Filey 560
5th Driffield 570
6th Kirkby 573
7th Brid Belvedere 593
 Not Placed due to Disqualification Brid Links & Whitby.



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